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Software Sales

An important part of CAD Division business is selling CAD software. If you are looking for a specific software title, or just need to determine which CAD product will suit your needs best, CAD Division can help you accomplish both tasks: in addition to selling software our company can do analysis of your business needs, help you select the right tool for the job, deliver and set up the software, and provide maintenance services. We also create and distribute training materials for complex software available from our catalog.

Consulting and Deployment

With dozens of software publishers offering a multitude of CAD systems, choosing the application that will give you the best results at a reasonable cost it is often a difficult task. One of the goals of CAD Division is to help small and medium business owners and managers to develop the optimum model of integrating CAD software in their business processes. We provide the following consulting and deployment services:

  • Audit and analysis of software used by the company
  • Identifying company software needs
  • Development of a phased plan for new software deployment
  • Software setup and fine-tuning

These analysis and deployment services can be provided on a company-wide scale from the start, as well as for specific departments with subsequent scaling up for the entire company.

By employing plant-automation systems companies can:

  • Increase efficiency 
  • Speed up project development
  • Increase the quality of project documentation
  • Quickly adapt and modify the project when the needs of their own customers change
  • Simplify collaboration of the project

An added benefit of using licensed software is reduced expenses on technical support.