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SymbolDesigner is a powerful tool for parametric CAD objects creation. Parametric CAD objects are considered to be the PPM language scripts, and the geometric objects are the result of the PPM language scripts execution.

The resultant ppm files can be inserted in AutoCAD using a free PPM Basic plugin.

PPM Language

The advantage of the PPM language scripts is their clarity, compactness and intuitive way of coding the geometric objects and operations you may want to perform with the objects. Since the PPM scripts are text files you can use any text editor to write scripts. The PPM language does not require the user to have programming skills for the creation of scripts.
The PPM language supports different linear and angular units of measurement. So, a parametric object can be defined in exact units of measurement.

SymbolDesigner Features

SymbolDesigner allows to speed up the process of creating parametric objects, as you can find and correct any issues while designing a symbol; you can visualize your draft and final script results; you also can automate geometric object creation by using the built-in tools.
The set of predefined built-in tools, in its turn, can be easily expanded, because the scripts are written in the PPM language as well. It is easy to customize the existing tools so they suite your needs, or write your own to automate the routine and frequently used actions.

SymbolDesigner contains a set of instruments for script debugging. They show script errors, identifiers values and types. Also, it is possible to pick a graphic in the model and SymbolDesigner will highlight the identifier in the script that is associated with that graphic.
SymbolDesigner allows changing parameters and parameter points. Therefore, you can see behavior of parametric CAD object in real time.